Corvallis housing market

Brick wall

Wendy and I are ready to move out of our current apartment. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to look at houses in Corvallis. The prices are too spendy for us at the moment. Please consider this post a plea for any information regarding the whereabouts of a decent, not too expensive Corvallis apartment.

Our current apartment has the following amenities that we hope to find in the next rental unit:

  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Hardwood floors
  • Dishwasher
  • Off-Street parking
  • Windows on 3 sides (lots of natural light)
  • 850+ sq. ft.
  • $600 per month rent

We’re currently a mile away from Oregon State University. We’d love to stay within that distance. It’s a nice walk. Not too close, not too far away.

The rental companies in Corvallis that have websites which feature apartments have a total lack of non-slum, decent apartments on their sites. Either the prices are too high and designed for lottery winners or the units look like they used to be inhabited during the 1800’s.

Any information leading to the signing of a new lease for a new place would be greatly appreciated.