Harry Potter – Year 7

Order form for Harry Potter 7
Yes, you are correct. My nerdiness knows no bounds. Yesterday, I signed up for one copy of Harry Potter: Year 7. It is scheduled to drop in July of 2007. Wendy scoffed at me while I signed up but was quick to sign up for her own copy after I said something about letting her know how it all ends :)

Update: Book 7 has a title! — “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” (via Faris)

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  1. Have they actually announced a release date for the final book then? I know the next film is due out in July but hadn’t heard anything about the book. I assumed that she wouldn’t want to release around the same time as the film to avoid the clash in publicity.

  2. The Borders representative stated that it is scheduled for release sometime in July of 2007. She did not have a specific date…

    I think it would be nice if it came out on July 7, 2007.

  3. oh Eric… look’n back @ my Outlook… the day that jump-started your HP frenzy was the summer day we had a delicious lunch at Padma’s… the exact date was Saturday, June 4th, 2005, between 12:30pm and 4:30pm… you were surrounded by Padma, Kristen, and Wendy, as you furiously fought back against the HP craze… 1 year, 6 months and 13 days later, here you are PRE-ORDERING the newest HP book more than 6 months before it’s suppose to come out… WTH happened??? in any case, Happy Holidays:)

  4. Do you know if they have said anything about a movie deal for the final book. I heard order of the Phoenix should be coming out in 07 and the book that follows it should be out it in 08”. Wondering if you had heard anything about this final one. The kid actor who plays Harry will most likely be 32 when the series is done haha.

  5. I’m positive that a movie deal for the final book is on the books. JKR fans would suffer from extreme amounts of distress if all of the Potter books were not translated to the big screen.

    Dude! The final book, #7 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released on July 21st of 2007. The Order of the Phoenix film is probably in editing/post production.

    Daniel aka Harry will be quite “oldish” when the last film is released. He may not even be Harry Potter in the last film. Who knows….

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