Fix Firefox 2.0

Firefox 2.0 is now available for download from Mozilla. This is old news for most early adopters but I thought I write about it for the non-early-adopter crowd. One of the things that I love about Firefox is tabbed browsing. I can open up 45 tabs within one Firefox window. That many tabs can suck the ram out of my computer like an Anne Rice vampire but I am hooked on Firefox. It is infinity (+1) times better than Internet Explorer.

One of the features of Firefox 2.0 that I immediately disliked…think vampire + garlic…was the location of the tab close “X” on each individual tab. In Firefox 1.5, the “X” was placed all the way to the right side of the window. Overtime, my right hand became trained to closing tabs by clicking the little red “X” on the far right.

Fortunately, Firefox 2.0 can be “adjusted” via the about:config command. Entering about:config into the Firefox address bar opens up a configuration page to tweak various program settings.

  1. Enter about:config into the address bar
  2. Type browser.tabs.closeButtons into the filter text box
  3. Change the default value from 1 to 3.
  4. Rejoice! The close tab “X” is now on the far right side of the window.

For more tips on adjusting, tweaking, and otherwise modifying Firefox check out LifeHacker’s list of Firefox 2.0 configuration tweaks.