“Master of Education”

I graduated!

The State Board of Higher Education, by virtue of the authority vested in it by law, and on recommendation of the Faculty Senate, has conferred on Eric Stoller the degree of Master of Education with all the rights, privileges, and honors thereto appertaining.

(Please note: The full post is very large and contains a lot of photos :-)

Jessica, Eric, and Rich

Eric and Reagan

Andrea and Eric

Eric and Justina

Eric and Tanya

Tanya and Maya

Eric and the Mentee

Sam, Andrea, and Eric

Isabel and Eric

Cat and her Bro

Cat and Padma

Eric and Cat

Eric graduating

Cat and Eric

Melanie and Eric

Eric at the MU

Eric and Octavio

Eric and Jose


Lani and Eric

15 thoughts on ““Master of Education””

  1. Congratulations brother… You’ve only been in school as long as I’ve been ALIVE! :-D One of us should visit soon.

  2. Hey Eric! Congratulations! Did you steal that stole from the Wellness Center?? It’s great!
    Also, the background of your picture with the mountains and green is a far cry from the Chicago Loop, huh? All the best in your future endeavors.

  3. Go Eric! Congrats and much success in the future. Don’t forget the little people you’ve met along the way. Hope to see you again when you travel through the Windy City.

  4. Eric,

    WOW!!! Congrats! Great pics. So, when do you return to Chicago? =) Just kidding. Let me know what your plans are next. Until…


  5. Congrats, estoller! Seems like just yesterday you were introducing the international website through your Stoller Tourette’s….now you are a master…. I’m so proud.

    Seriously, great job. I know you’ll rock whatever spot you land.


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