Tall showers make me smile

I’m a tall guy. 6 feet 4 inches to be precise. I need a tall shower head! Most showers hit me below the sternum. I have a very clean mid section but the upper torso could use some cleaning. The new apartment needs a new showerhead and shower head riser. (I have not moved yet. I’m just prepping. You’ll find out soon!)

Wendy and I went to the Home Despot this past weekend to search for a solution. I selected a 10 inch “S” curve riser with a nice multi-flow Delta showerhead. The landlord is going to pay for the parts and install.

Related aside: The shower at my parent’s house was raised to unbelievable heights to accommodate me and Shaun. We’re both over 6 feet tall and the showerhead is a fully extended arms reach away even for me!

Here’s what it looks like:
This is obviously a simulated image. I am much larger than a thimble.

One thought on “Tall showers make me smile”

  1. Your Dad and I are excited that you and the landlord have agreed on a tall-man’s shower. We like to think you are keeping yourself clean from head to toe, and we’re certain your closest friends will appreciate it, too. You still look great on stilts!…love, Mom

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