Advanced PhotoShop Learning Objectives

• Web graphics: 72 DPI, save for web, matte color options, gifs and jpegs
• Image mode

• Crop Tool
• Eraser Tool
• Brush Tool

• Effects
• Transparency Effects

• Merging Layers

• Filters

• Adjustment options

• Free Transform and Transform

• Navigator Palette

• Actions Palette

• Preferences

• File Final (Image) Info

• PDF Image extraction

If we have time, we’ll go over the following new features in detail:
• File Browser: Preview images and useful for organization
• Run Crop and Straighten: Automatic Crop and Straighten: Scan multiple images Each image is automatically cropped into its own new document.
• Color Replacement Tool: Change the color of any area of an image, while retaining original texture and shading.
• Huge Document Support: Create images up to 300,000 by 300,000 pixels, simply enormous!

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  1. This has nothing to do with PhotoShop, but I thought I would explore the mysteries of your blog. Is there a place for general comments/questions that I am missing?

    Anyway – here is my technical dilemma. I would like to videotape my thesis defense, digitize it, and put it on the web for friends and family from far-away to view. How would I go about doing such a thing? I know, for instance that I have an ONID web page, but have no idea how to access or use such a thing. I also know that I can get a digital camcorder from the Graduate Student Media Lab, but don’t know how to go from there. Thus my dilemma.

    Any advice would be helpful :)

    What are you bringing to the potluck tonight?


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