Technology Workshops: A few thoughts

It’s going as well as can be expected when you are trying to teach your peers. The respect levels ebb and flow.

The attendance has been very steady. 10+ people each time. The hardest thing is trying to extract the technical info from my own cortext and then articulate it to users with varying skill levels.

I would say I feel like I am facilitating more than I am teaching. The workshops are so technical in nature and the motivation for most people is their portfolio. This does dishearten me from time to time. I would like people to see technology as a necessity for their future roles as SA professionals. Instead everyone has a very narrow view. I’ve tried to convey the importance of technology awareness but it seems lost in the “I need to know this stuff so I can make an awesome portfolio” shuffle.

I’ve received some decent feedback. People have given me cues as to what works and what does not.

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