Flashmob: Oregon State University Valley Library

Hundreds of Oregon State University students took over the Valley Library on Thursday, October 1st. (via the Oregon State University Admissions Blog)

It was a successful flashmob, although I really think that OSU (Oklahoma State University) and UNC (University of North Carolina) have set the bar for successful university flashmobs:

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University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky
The University of Kentucky has hired its first diversity officer!

Dr. Judy ‘J.J.’ Jackson, set to become the University of Kentucky’s first vice president for institutional diversity, has big plans for developing and implementing a diversity agenda that she says is essential for learning.

Jackson, who starts this summer, will work strategically to craft UK’s diversity agenda, which she says is essential to establishing a strong foundation for learning. She notes that one of the most important goals during her first year at UK will be to conduct a university-wide “gap analysis” to devise various strategies on recruiting a diverse group of students and faculty.

“Often times, people don’t think of diversity and excellence as the same concept … the goal and the mission that the University of Kentucky has embarked upon demands that people think of diversity and excellence as conceptual cohabitants,” says Jackson, whose responsibilities will include advising the university’s president and provost on matters relating to academic, fiscal and administrative policy.

via Diverse Issues in Higher Education