Flashmob: Oregon State University Valley Library

Hundreds of Oregon State University students took over the Valley Library on Thursday, October 1st. (via the Oregon State University Admissions Blog)

It was a successful flashmob, although I really think that OSU (Oklahoma State University) and UNC (University of North Carolina) have set the bar for successful university flashmobs:

OSU flashmob in the student union:

UNC flashmob in the library:

Honorable mention to the UK (University of Kentucky) and CofC (College of Charleston) flashmobs:

Update: Please note that I do not endorse, support or volunteer for the OSU flashmob. Also note that Facebook was the staging area for the flashmob event.

3 thoughts on “Flashmob: Oregon State University Valley Library”

  1. What a totally pointless activity. When and where are hundreds of students gathering in solidarity to support, I don’t know, let’s say … reproductive freedom, or health care reform, or ending war? Am I the only one who finds this depressing?


  2. Michelle, I have two contradictory responses to this:

    1. You’re right, and you might just have ruined flashmobs for me.

    2. Do you not understand that even adults need to play once a while?

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