The Pink Potter Plan

July 20th, 21st and 22nd + the Pink Potter Plan.

Pink Martini at Corvallis Oregon Davinci Days

July 20th:

  • 8:30am – 4:30pm: Advising students at OSU’s new student orientation.
  • 5pm – 6pm: Find a comfortable spot near the main stage at DaVinci Days.
  • 8:30pm – 10:00pm: Listen to Pink Martini!
  • 10:05pm – 11:59pm: Rest, eat and prep for Potter.

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IKEA Portland, Oregon

Ikea Portland Oregon grand opening

Waiting outside for 2 days for an Ikea to open…probably not on my July to-do list. Although, I am a fan of the Ikea Slabang.

Air out your camping gear! Customers can begin lining up at IKEA Portland at 9:00 AM on Monday morning, July 23, 2007 – in advance of our July 25 opening. We are going to be doing something special for everyone on opening morning so you do not have to be the first, second, or third customer in line* in order to share in the fun. Keep checking for updates!

*There will be no specific prize given to just the first, second, or third customer in line.

Random Post 4/18/07

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Star Wars Exhibit = Ãœber Geek

Star Wars at the OMSI in Portland Oregon
Disclaimer: If you are allergic to Star Wars and extreme doses of geekery, please do not continue. However, if you equate 1977, 1980, and 1983 as the holy trinity of Star Wars, please sit back and enjoy photos from our trip to the Star Wars exhibit at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

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