Crater Lake & National Geographic

Crater Lake Oregon pano

It’s official…I sold a photograph to the National Geographic Society. In 2006, I took several photographs of Crater Lake and stitched them into a panoramic photo. I had no idea that my photograph would be displayed on thousands of copies on a map!

My photo will be featured on the Central Cascades Geotourism MapGuide.

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360 pano + Water Cube

Water Cube Panoramic Photo

I’m a huge fan (Crater Lake, Oregon) of panoramic photos (University of Rhode Island). This particular pano from the NY Times is a gorgeous example of a panoramic photograph.

The full-size version of the Water Cube panorama is gigantic and showcases the enormity of the National Aquatics Center in Beijing, China.

Interactive full-screen 360 Pano after the cut…
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eduStyle’s “most awesome user”

Eric Stoller and eduStyle

If Stewart Foss, the proprietor of eduStyle – inspiration for campus web designers, ever purchased monogrammed [ES] eduStyle towels, I could easily borrow them. In lieu of towels, Stewart sent me something that I am even more fond of. A custom, one of a kind, eduStyle t-shirt. The front proudly displays the eduStyle logo while the back outs me as eduStyle’s “most awesome user.” The community at eduStyle continues to grow and I thoroughly enjoy being one of the many users on the site.

eduStyle most awesome user Eric Stoller

Columbus Junction, IA flooding photos

Photographs of flooding in Columbus Junction, Iowa:
flooding in Economart grocery store in Columbus Junction Iowa
The store with the giant apple on it is the Economart – Columbus Junction’s grocery store. I worked at the Economart for 2 years while I was in high school. I was always asking people if they wanted “paper or plastic”. My former doctor’s office is located just a few stores down from the Economart.

Columbus Junction Iowa Photographs of Economart flooding in 2008

More photos of flooding (before and after) in Columbus Junction after the jump…

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Aerial photos of Iowa flooding

dike fails in Columbus Junction Iowa massive flooding occurs
Here are some aerial photographs of flooding in Iowa from Columbus Junction, Fredonia, Lake Odessa and Muscatine. The images of flooding in Columbus Junction are unbelievable. My mom told me that floodwaters were as high as the pop machines at the Economart in Columbus Junction and that was after some of the flood waters had receded!

Columbus Junction before the levee failed

Columbus Junction Iowa floods after levee fails due to high water levels in the cedar and iowa rivers

More aerial photographs of flooding in Southeast Iowa after the jump…
(Photographs courtesy of D. Stacy Lewis of Stacy-Lewis and Wittich-Lewis Home for Funeral and Cremation Services of Columbus Junction and Muscatine.)

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University of Rhode Island

The University of Rhode Island is located in Kingston, Rhode Island. I created the following panoramic image on a very cold day on the URI campus. I was standing in the middle of the quad on a slightly raised surface therefore the pano has a bit of an arc. The original image is 16,000 pixels wide. To see a slightly smaller image (3,000 pixels wide), click on the photograph.

University of Rhode Island - Kingston Rhode Island panoramic photograph