Aluminum recycling in Corvallis

aluminum can

The Allied Waste newsletter arrived in the mail today. The folks at Allied Waste put together a concise and easy to read mailing called “At Your Disposal.” I was reading the “Curbside Recycling Update” section when I read about the blurb on aluminum recycling.

Aluminum goes to ALCOA on the east coast and is made into aluminum cans again.

I think it is great that aluminum cans from Corvallis, Oregon are being recycled. However, what is the environmental cost for transporting west coast cans to the east coast for processing? The process seems a little counter intuitive to me. I wonder if environmentally conscious recycling / post-consumer recycling processes need to be analyzed…

What do you think?

Eight Things I Find Amazing in Picture Form

Kevin tagged me with my first meme: “Eight Things I Find Amazing in Picture Form.” I think I’ll start out by being a little narcissistic. This photo set of 4 Polaroids always make me feel good.

Eric with curly hair
I was 2 years old when this set of photographs was taken. My hair was curly and I apparently liked to walk about in my diaper. I think it’s amazing that my hair still looks like that when I wake up in the morning.

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