Sleep deprived…

I hit the rack (props to Rem Nivens for the jargon!) last night at 1:30 AM. Today’s to-do list: Work for EM, Teach Odyssey, Read hundreds of pages of Student Affairs verbage for my Organization class, create a learning outcomes plan, read some Feminist Philosophies and work on my FP paper.

To use another Nivensism, I’m jammed!

The topic for my Feminist Philosophies class is fascinating: Are women oppressed because of the work they do or are they oppressed simply because they are women? (Work for this paper = traditional roles like teacher, nurse, house keeper, etc.)

WiFi signals

I hooked up a D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G wireless router today. The speed is exceptional on my Dell Axim. The next step will be installing the pci wireless card on Wendy’s desktop in the office. I sniffed around for other WiFi connections using my Axim and there are currently four hotspots (including our new one) available with excellent signal strength. We’re being bombarded by radio waves! It will be interesting to see how fast the speeds are with the desktop computer.

Tall showers make me smile

I’m a tall guy. 6 feet 4 inches to be precise. I need a tall shower head! Most showers hit me below the sternum. I have a very clean mid section but the upper torso could use some cleaning. The new apartment needs a new showerhead and shower head riser. (I have not moved yet. I’m just prepping. You’ll find out soon!)

Wendy and I went to the Home Despot this past weekend to search for a solution. I selected a 10 inch “S” curve riser with a nice multi-flow Delta showerhead. The landlord is going to pay for the parts and install.

Related aside: The shower at my parent’s house was raised to unbelievable heights to accommodate me and Shaun. We’re both over 6 feet tall and the showerhead is a fully extended arms reach away even for me!

Here’s what it looks like:
This is obviously a simulated image. I am much larger than a thimble.

Anatomy of a vacuum purchase

Flonase. Zirtec. Claritin. Unlike kryptonite and Superman, these meds have virtually no effect on me. I’m constantly “nasing” and “popping” but to no avail. That scratchy feeling in the back of my throat — allergies. They are caused by Willamette Valley grass seed pollen and 29th Street dust. (My apartment windows all face the road. Please honk when you drive by…)

In pondering my allergic state I realized that I needed a vacuum. The first thing that popped into my drug addled brain was the yellow and bad-as-any-vacuum-could-be Dyson. I had read about the Dyson via the manufacturers website and I thought a new Dyson would clear the air in my apartment (*A new apartment is in the works…).

I went to the Corvallis Sewing and Vacuum Center (what a lovely name!). I saw a salesperson and a Dyson. It was perfect. I walked over to her and said that I needed a vacuum and I wanted it to be a Dyson. BAM! WHOOSH! KACHANG! When I woke up I asked what had happened. Apparently Dysons are the worst vacuum in the world (all hype and marketing — they don’t suck!) and the sales lady had nailed me with the stainless steel wand of a Miele Bahama Blue Canister Vacuum. The wand was left untainted much to my surprise. I have a rather large head and I’ve been called “hard headed”.

Miele Bahama Blue - You want one too!

To my dismay, the store was out of Miele BB’s. (Miele is pronounced, Mee Lah) They informed me that the floor model was for sale. It had a ding it but I didn’t care. I was smitten.

Wendy gave me a ride back to my apartment with my new purchase. I immediately plugged it in and started cleaning. I vacuumed my area rug with the power nozzle. It sucks! The hardwood floors were next. I switched attachments and started moving like an ice skater with the horse hair wood floor attachment firmly attached.

The Miele has a HEPA filter and the output air is supposedly almost 100% free of particulates. Time will tell as to whether or not this thing will decrease my allergy symptoms. I needed a vacuum anyway and this thing is super cool. It moves gracefully around objects with its smooth 360 degree wheel system. I guess the moral of the story is that Dyson’s look cool and are marketed well but they can’t hold a candle to a nice piece of German engineering.

525,600 minutes until RENT


Wow. I am so excited about the RENT movie. After seeing RENT in New York City in July, I am so stoked about the upcoming film. 6 of the original cast members are starring in the onscreen adaptation. I’ve been spinning the soundtrack from the musical on my home computer, my work computer, and my I-River. It’s ironic that I used to detest the soundtrack to RENT. I had never seen the show. The songs had no meaning to me and now I can’t get enough. I downloaded a version of “Seasons of Love” that has Stevie Wonder as the soloist. It’s the shizzle! Frenchie Davis (from American Idol) was the principle soloist for the NY City show. So many thoughts and and emotions are connected to these songs. What a rush!

For anyone not familiar with RENT, please check out this link: “What is this RENT thing all about?”

RENT Stage
This is a pic from my cell of the actual stage in NY City’s Nederlander Theater.

RENT Ticket
I actually kept my ticket stub! Ouch, that was an expensive show!!

Student Affairs Web Specialist

Student Affairs Web Specialist

(Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Position Description)


The Student Affairs Web Specialist will assist OSU Student Affairs departments in developing a web presence and services that facilitate access for all students, including students with disabilities. The purpose of the position will be to increase student awareness of Student Affairs programs and increase students’ self-service opportunities via the web. While this position will serve all Student Affairs departments, it will be housed in the Student Orientation and Retention (SOAR) office, providing a professional home and affiliation group.


  1. Meet with Student Affairs departments to determine web needs, in order of priority as determined by the Student Affairs Technology Committee.
  2. Build appropriate web presence and services for departments, in accordance with University design standards
  3. Advise Student Affairs departments on web design and service delivery.
  4. Maintain close contact with University Publications to ensure alignment with OSU guidelines for Web design.

Evaluation of Duties and Supervision :

The Student Affairs Web Specialist will be supervised by Bob Bontrager, Assistant Provost for Enrollment Management and Jim Day, Enrollment Management Information Technology Manager. In addition, significant direction will be provided by the Student Affairs Technology Committee

Terms of Appointment

This position is a 12-month, .49 FTE appointment. Admission to the College Student Services Administration (CSSA) graduate program at Oregon State University is required. Renewal of the assistantship for a second year is contingent upon satisfactory performance and favorable evaluation.