525,600 minutes until RENT


Wow. I am so excited about the RENT movie. After seeing RENT in New York City in July, I am so stoked about the upcoming film. 6 of the original cast members are starring in the onscreen adaptation. I’ve been spinning the soundtrack from the musical on my home computer, my work computer, and my I-River. It’s ironic that I used to detest the soundtrack to RENT. I had never seen the show. The songs had no meaning to me and now I can’t get enough. I downloaded a version of “Seasons of Love” that has Stevie Wonder as the soloist. It’s the shizzle! Frenchie Davis (from American Idol) was the principle soloist for the NY City show. So many thoughts and and emotions are connected to these songs. What a rush!

For anyone not familiar with RENT, please check out this link: “What is this RENT thing all about?”

RENT Stage
This is a pic from my cell of the actual stage in NY City’s Nederlander Theater.

RENT Ticket
I actually kept my ticket stub! Ouch, that was an expensive show!!

3 thoughts on “525,600 minutes until RENT”

  1. RENT: The Movie, coming soon to a theater near you. I think I’ll wait until it comes out on DVD . . . and then I’ll RENT it.

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