WiFi signals

I hooked up a D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G wireless router today. The speed is exceptional on my Dell Axim. The next step will be installing the pci wireless card on Wendy’s desktop in the office. I sniffed around for other WiFi connections using my Axim and there are currently four hotspots (including our new one) available with excellent signal strength. We’re being bombarded by radio waves! It will be interesting to see how fast the speeds are with the desktop computer.

2 thoughts on “WiFi signals”

  1. sup Eric…came across your blog from facebook, so i thought i would snoop around:p just a warning, but wireless on desktops usually don’t work that well due to all the interference that it produces…well that’s just from my own experience… You seen Rich’s new Axim??? it’s super nice and i want it:p my Toshiba PPC died over the summer, so i miss having a PPC with all my calendar stuff… did you ever end up buying a new laptop??? aite, take care and i’ll see you in COUN581 next friday!!! you started reading or taken the test yet?

  2. Hey Reagan!

    I am way behind with my reading. I think I’ll take the test this weekend…
    The wifi on the desktop is definitely problematic. We put the tower on a shelf and that seems to help quite a bit.

    I never did buy a laptop but I did buy an Axim. It’s the X30 so not as nice as RS’s but it still has bluetooth and wifi. My brother just bought an ultraportable laptop from fujitsu. It looks pretty sweet.

    See you next week. ~Eric

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