Anatomy of a vacuum purchase

Flonase. Zirtec. Claritin. Unlike kryptonite and Superman, these meds have virtually no effect on me. I’m constantly “nasing” and “popping” but to no avail. That scratchy feeling in the back of my throat — allergies. They are caused by Willamette Valley grass seed pollen and 29th Street dust. (My apartment windows all face the road. Please honk when you drive by…)

In pondering my allergic state I realized that I needed a vacuum. The first thing that popped into my drug addled brain was the yellow and bad-as-any-vacuum-could-be Dyson. I had read about the Dyson via the manufacturers website and I thought a new Dyson would clear the air in my apartment (*A new apartment is in the works…).

I went to the Corvallis Sewing and Vacuum Center (what a lovely name!). I saw a salesperson and a Dyson. It was perfect. I walked over to her and said that I needed a vacuum and I wanted it to be a Dyson. BAM! WHOOSH! KACHANG! When I woke up I asked what had happened. Apparently Dysons are the worst vacuum in the world (all hype and marketing — they don’t suck!) and the sales lady had nailed me with the stainless steel wand of a Miele Bahama Blue Canister Vacuum. The wand was left untainted much to my surprise. I have a rather large head and I’ve been called “hard headed”.

Miele Bahama Blue - You want one too!

To my dismay, the store was out of Miele BB’s. (Miele is pronounced, Mee Lah) They informed me that the floor model was for sale. It had a ding it but I didn’t care. I was smitten.

Wendy gave me a ride back to my apartment with my new purchase. I immediately plugged it in and started cleaning. I vacuumed my area rug with the power nozzle. It sucks! The hardwood floors were next. I switched attachments and started moving like an ice skater with the horse hair wood floor attachment firmly attached.

The Miele has a HEPA filter and the output air is supposedly almost 100% free of particulates. Time will tell as to whether or not this thing will decrease my allergy symptoms. I needed a vacuum anyway and this thing is super cool. It moves gracefully around objects with its smooth 360 degree wheel system. I guess the moral of the story is that Dyson’s look cool and are marketed well but they can’t hold a candle to a nice piece of German engineering.

One thought on “Anatomy of a vacuum purchase”

  1. Dyson. The dust goes everywhere when you take out the canister. Mick plastered the Dyson daugher’s house. Mansion. It’s all black and white. I looked at a Miele myself. Fabulous. I opted for the $40.00 Target model.

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