Why Digital Identity Matters: Strategies and Concepts for Student Services

AMOSSHE digital identity webinar

UPDATED: See below for the full video of the webcast as well as the slide deck from the presentation.

I’ve been working with AMOSSHE – the UK’s Student Services Association – to put on a series of continuing professional development webinars (in the UK, professional development is typically called “CPD”).

More than 100 attendees participated in the first webinar that I did with AMOSSHE…and we’re going to do the exact same webinar one more time to make sure that everyone gets a chance to participate (and because the recording didn’t work* during round #1).

The webinar is happening on Thursday, December 3, 2015 and is titled: Why Digital Identity Matters: Strategies and Concepts for Student Services

This free interactive webinar for Student Services professionals explores how you can use social media to improve student engagement and enhance the student experience. The session helps you develop a strategic communications framework, and identifies tools, sites and apps for social media success.

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More info about the webcast:

What we post, share, say, upload, snap, and tweet represents our digital identity. It’s our online presence. In 2015, this online presence is made up of a variety of social media sites.

Social media are useful for community-building, support, teaching, learning, employability, digital literacy, and success. These digital channels create connections and opportunities for engagement that span the globe. In higher education, digital sites / apps have become our primary communication channels for expression, networking, and interaction.

This webinar aims to help you develop a comprehensive, nuanced, and engagement-oriented approach to digital identity and using social media. You’ll learn:

  • Effective practices for using social media for engagement / enhancing the student experience.
  • The essential elements of how digital identity impacts career development.
  • How to develop a strategic communications framework for Student Services departments / practitioners.
  • The necessary tools / sites / apps for social media success.
  • Concepts to guide daily engagement at an organisational level.
  • Digital capability requirements for future-ready Student Services professionals.

*By the way, sometimes giving a webinar is just like this scene from The Empire Strikes Back
Yoda tells Luke how it is

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