Get Digital or Get Out of the Way: Overcoming Our Collective Fear of Technology

NASPA - Get Digital

December 8, 2015 at 1:00pm ET.

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Inspired by my “Get Digital” post, I’ve asked three amazing higher education leaders to give their thoughts on why student affairs is so afraid of technology…from social media, to hiring decisions, to the future of the profession, this panel is going to cover a lot of ground and cause some radical critical thinking to take place!

This panel discussion features three higher education/student affairs experts and will cover key issues in how student affairs practitioners construct, create, and manage technology-related projects, strategic communications, and digital initiatives.

Technology and social media are essential components for today’s student affairs practitioner. However, fear of technology and/or a lack of competency can lead to issues with efficiency, communications, action, success, and organizational development.

This panel will make you think about the future of student affairs and engage your critical thinking skills via intellectual prognostication of the following topics:

  • The future of student affairs and how technology impacts our work
  • Organizational culture and how we deal with change
  • Intentional alignment and resource allocation with new technology competency specifications
  • What you look for in a new hire…what’s essential for SA pros in 2015 and beyond?
  • How we combat skepticism when it comes to technology/social media?
  • What innovation in student affairs looks like and how we make it happen?
  • Overcoming “fear of technology” and learning to “trust our people.”


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