2005: A classroom odyssey

I had my worst day as an Odyssey instructor today. I was tired and my students were tired. I was not feeling well and several of my students have colds. It was a rough hour and a half. 3 of my students came to class late. They disrupted everything and really messed up my flow. I sent a lot of emails tonight. Overall, it was not my best day as a teacher.

Cat et al. saved the day by facilitating a “Guess the Het” panel. It was entertaining and educational. The premise is fairly simple. The audience tries to guess which student is heterosexual and which student is gay. You can ask as many non-gender specific questions as you like. For example: What traits do you like in a partner? or What did your family say when you came out? It was great watching my students try to guess. I think this experience was mindblowing for some of my students! How many times in a college class do you get to hear an exchange like this (This is paraphrased, the original was hilarious):

Son: I have something to tell you.
Mom: Oh my God, you’re gay or you’re on drugs!
Son: Well…it’s only one of those things…
Mom: Oh my God, you’re on drugs!!!
Son: Mom, I’m gay, I like boys.
Mom: but you’re sure you’re not on drugs?
Son: Yep
Mom: Phew…I was worried about the drugs…

I really owe Cat and her students. They saved the day.

Moral of the story: Get more sleep so you can be a good role model/teacher for your students. If you’re tired, they too will be tired.