Intro to Dreamweaver

Things to know before you start Dreamweaving —
• Onid web space:

• FTP = File Transfer Protocol: Transferring files from your computer to a web server.

• Local vs. Remote

• File paths

• HTML is a programming language. HyperText Markup Language

• CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Used for design and layout.

• How do links work? Open new window?
• How do you display an image?

• Tables

• Index.html or .htm

• CSS Templates

• View Source

• Web graphics: gifs/jpegs

Dreamweaver MX 2004
• WYSIWYG editor

• Intro to the workspace
• Site View
• Properties

• Modify page properties
o Title
o Fonts
o Links
o Background

• Macromedia Exchange and Macromedia Extensions

• Dreamweaver and pre-made templates and create your own templates

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