PhotoShop Basic Training

PhotoShop Training Outline

• Hardware Requirements: 512mb of ram, 17inch or larger monitor

• Resolution: 600 DPI and 72 DPI

• Raster vs. Vector

• Layers Palette and editing

• Tools

• Canvas Size and Image Size

• Pixels and Inches

• Crop Tool — We’ll cover this in the next session…

• Selection Tool

• Magnetic Lasso Tool

• Type Tool

• Eraser Tool

• Brush Tool

• Healing Brush Tool

• Fill Tool

• Eyedropper Tool

• Always save a .psd file. (Export as anything but you will lose editing control.)

• Undo Options

• History Palette

• Navigator Palette

• Actions Palette

• Preferences

New Features in CS: (Adobe just released PhotoShop CS2!!)
Color Matching: The new color match feature reads the color statistics of one image or layer and applies them to another. It can be used to quickly achieve a consistent look in a series of shots, such as in fashion or commercial photography, or to match color schemes in photos shot under different lighting conditions (useful for web images — maintain a consistent look).

File Browser: Preview images and useful for organization

Automatic Crop and Straighten: Scan multiple images  Run Crop and Straighten  Each image is automatically cropped into its own new document.

Color Replacement Tool: Change the color of any area of an image, while retaining original texture and shading.

Huge Document Support: Create images up to 300,000 by 300,000 pixels, simply enormous!

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