Web 2.0 footprint

Recently, the head space that I am devoting to various Web 2.0 sites and applications has begun to feel quite cumbersome. I decided to create a post on my “Web 2.0 footprint.” My usage of each of these sites ebbs and flows. This list represents Web 2.0 services that I use at least once per month. Without further ado, here is a list in no particular order (with links to my personal profiles) of the Web 2.0 sites and services that I currently engage with on the interwebs:

WordPress.org: It runs my blog. I’ve tried Blogger and heard a lot about Movable Type, but WordPress has my blogging heart in its php basket.

Twitter: I’m still not sure what it’s good for ;-). My virtual journal consists of my blog, my live journal account and my twitter account. Sometimes I just need a few words in the Twitterspace to get something out of my head.

LiveJournal: Everything that does not get posted on my blog or on Twitter is posted on my LiveJournal account. Private groups get treated to spectacular rants and it serves as a space for me and my local friends to share all sorts of thoughts and feelings.

Flickr: Only a few of the gigabytes of photographs that I have taken are on my Flickr account. I really need to upload more when I get some spare time.

Facebook: I use Facebook on a daily basis. It’s a great place to connect with friends. It enables me to stay connected with a lot more people than I probably would be able to in the “real” world. Facebook isn’t perfect, but in my opinion, it is the only show in town for my social networking needs.

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AACRAO Consulting

AACRAO Consulting

The re-designed AACRAO Consulting (AC) website is now up and running. The site uses WordPress as its content management system (cms). The AC site is set up just like a blog with posts in reverse chronological order and pages for static content.

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Albany Visitors Association

albany visitors association website wordpress content management system

The re-designed Albany Visitors Association website is now up and running. The site uses WordPress as its content management system (cms). The homepage is a static WordPress page while the “Blog” link points to another page that functions like a blog (posts in reverse chronological order).

wordpress logo

Site search, site map, context-based page titles, and a user-friendly contact form are just a few of the new components on the new site.