AACRAO Consulting

AACRAO Consulting

The re-designed AACRAO Consulting (AC) website is now up and running. The site uses WordPress as its content management system (cms). The AC site is set up just like a blog with posts in reverse chronological order and pages for static content.

AACRAO Consulting:

AACRAO Consulting is dedicated to providing results-oriented, best practice solutions that help colleges and universities achieve their strategic goals.

This is the second site that I’ve created using WordPress. The learning curve is extremely small for new WordPress users and the built-in accessibility of WordPress makes it a wonderful CMS. The AACRAO Consulting site features a site map, rss feeds, email subscription, user comments, and site-wide search functionality.

2 thoughts on “AACRAO Consulting”

  1. Thanks! It feels good to launch another site.

    I took an existing WordPress theme and modified it significantly. It required a lot of css slicing. I’ve been using CSSEdit for all of my css editing needs. I think it’s better than TopStyle…(unfortunately, CSSEdit is a Mac-only application)

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