OSU football video fail

[flv:http://ericstoller.com/blog/audio/orange.flv http://ericstoller.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/knock-out-orange.png 455 255]

    “I am the last thing they see before the lights go out.

    I am the enforcer.

    I am a giant killer.

    I am Orange.”

I am not orange if this is the way that OSU Athletics is going to promote our football team.

We should not be using the act of making our opponents unconscious as a way to elicit a response from our fan base.

The theme of the video is basically all about gratuitous violence: We are giant killing enforcers who are going to knock you out.

This isn’t the “Beaver Nation” that I want to be a part of and/or associated with.

Update: There is another “I am Orange” video for OSU Football.

In this video, the athleticism of OSU’s football players is celebrated. It’s not about glorified violence, it’s about speed and skill…completely different from the “we’re going to knock you out” video.

Joseph Orosco on the legacy of Cesar Chavez

Cezar Chavez St. in Austin Texas

Oregon State University Director of Peace Studies and associate professor of philosophy Joseph Orosco is interviewed about the legacy of Cesar Chavez:


Morality and Self-deception

via the Oregon Council for the Humanities

Writer Ursula K. Le Guin and Oregon State University philosophy professor Lani Roberts presented an interactive discussion exploring morality and self-deception–including our ideals of morality, how we deceive ourselves individually and collectively, and the concept of moral evolution–at a recent Oregon Council for the Humanities Think & Drink, a happy-hour series that sparks provocative conversations about big ideas.

Part 1 – (about 31 minutes)

Part 2 – (about 34 minutes)

Diversity at OSU

Recently, the Oregon State University Office of Community & Diversity held a diversity essay contest. 5 essays were chosen and then voted upon by the OSU community. I read all five of the essays. At the time, I felt that only one of the essays expressed a non-propagandized view on diversity at OSU. It turns out that that essay would be the eventual winner. Written by Matthew Holland, an English major, the winning essay focuses on OSU’s Difference, Power, and Discrimination curriculum and how it impacts OSU students. While Matthew’s essay was certainly important in its message, I was moved by an essay by a first-year student. Holland is a fifth year student, presumably in or nearing his senior year, and I would expect a well-written essay given his program of study and exposure to a class like the Ethics of Diversity. However, the essay that I have posted below, was written by a first-year student who directly experiences what a lack of diversity at OSU can mean to a student. I had the privilege of reading Israel Salgado’s essay and asked him if I could post it on my blog. Israel’s essay provides insight into his experience and what can be done to make OSU a more diverse institution.

Diversity at OSUGuest essay by Israel Salgado

The word “diversity” has multiple meanings to different individuals. It can mean: ethnicity, race, culture, sexuality, gender, social class, language and/or, disabilities. Though Oregon State University has made successful choices in trying to diversify its campus and community, it can still move forward in its goal of becoming “a destination of choice for people interested in diversity” by having more diversified staff, intercultural awareness events not only in the cultural centers but in the residence halls, and offering more baccalaureate core courses in this subject.

I come from Woodburn, Oregon a town just an hour away going north on the I-5. It’s a very diverse place with a population of 21,560 people where you just have to walk down the street before you can see individuals from different ethnic backgrounds. However, when I came to Oregon State University back in September to start my college education, I experienced a cultural shock. Though I have done my entire education with Caucasian students, I felt like I went from one country to another in less than an hour. During the first week of fall term, and sometime after that, I felt intimated and out of place here. I believe that every diverse student that comes here has or will feel the same feelings at one point in their life at Oregon State University.

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Orientation video for incoming students

I shot about thirty minutes of video during commencement morning at OSU. It was a cloudy day (so unexpected here in Oregon!) so I amped up the color in iMovie. I asked our graduates if they had any advice for incoming students…”things they wish they had known as first-year students” ;-)

I had a lot of fun interviewing our students…I may make it an annual activity. We show the video at the completion of our college’s orientation session on day 1:

The hi-res version looks great on an auditorium screen.

Made with a Canon HF10, AZDEN Wireless Mics, and iMovie.

Snow in the Quad at OSU

OSU Snow in the Quad
The annual “Snow in the Quad” event occurred last week at OSU. It’s always interesting to see a giant pile of snow in the middle of the Memorial Union Quad in May.

Time lapse video courtesy of the web cam on the roof of Milam Hall.
Music is Tamacun by Rodrigo y Gabriela.

OSU Snow in the Quad

OSU is Powered by Orange

OSU is Powered By Orange

Oregon State University’s Powered by Orange campaign features a social media extravaganza that includes: a WordPress-based blog, Flickr photos, a Google Map, Twitter updates, a LinkedIn group, YouTube videos and a Facebook group.

What’s Powered by Orange? It’s you β€” the network of alumni, students, faculty, staff, friends and fans connected to Oregon State University. It’s the positive impact you make every day in Portland and beyond β€” on the economy, the environment and the community. Use this Web site to tell your story and connect with the other practical idealists who are Powered by Orange.

Are you Powered by Orange?

You are if you’re connected to Oregon State University β€” whether you’re alumni, student, faculty, staff, friend or fan. You are part of OSU’s enduring purpose to make a positive impact on people, the economy and the environment in Oregon and beyond. At work and in the community, it’s your talent, innovation and dedication that turn OSU ideals into action. Use this site to show your impact and network with others who are Powered by Orange.

Does Race Still Matter?

Does Race Still Matter?

Interrogating “Post-Racial” Notions in the Age of Obama

Panel Discussion / Open Forum

Tuesday, May 12
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Memorial Union, Room 213
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331

Google the term “post-racial” and one will find plenty of debate surrounding our current historical moment and the significance-or insignificance-of race in US society today. After all, did we not elect our first African American President? How then can one argue that race is still a factor of any substantive consequence in American life? Clearly, given Obama’s election we have reached a point in our history where race no longer constitutes a barrier to opportunity or socioeconomic mobility-or so the argument goes.

What exactly does it mean to assert we are now living in a “post-racial” US? What is at stake? Does race still matter, and if so, in what ways?

Join the Oregon State University Association of Faculty for the Advancement of People of Color (AFAPC) in a panel discussion and open forum as we grapple with these very questions.

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There be whales here!

Well, at least one whale anyway. The SMILE Program at OSU with the assistance of some high school students from Oregon created a gigantic inflatable whale and placed it in the Memorial Union Quad last Friday. The web cam on the roof of Milam Hall recorded this timelapse video. I made it a little more dramatic with the addition of the theme from Jaws:

Kite flying in the Quad

Experimenting with a Canon HF10… I was in a meeting when we noticed this guy flying a kite on Friday afternoon in the Memorial Union Quad at Oregon State University. I had been demoing the video camera and editing video for most of the day. I ran outside and shot this clip. I imported it into iMovie and messed around with the color saturation. The grass is very green and the sky is very blue! I uploaded the finished product to my brand new Vimeo Plus account. The quality is quite good.