OSU is Powered by Orange

OSU is Powered By Orange

Oregon State University’s Powered by Orange campaign features a social media extravaganza that includes: a WordPress-based blog, Flickr photos, a Google Map, Twitter updates, a LinkedIn group, YouTube videos and a Facebook group.

What’s Powered by Orange? It’s you — the network of alumni, students, faculty, staff, friends and fans connected to Oregon State University. It’s the positive impact you make every day in Portland and beyond — on the economy, the environment and the community. Use this Web site to tell your story and connect with the other practical idealists who are Powered by Orange.

Are you Powered by Orange?

You are if you’re connected to Oregon State University — whether you’re alumni, student, faculty, staff, friend or fan. You are part of OSU’s enduring purpose to make a positive impact on people, the economy and the environment in Oregon and beyond. At work and in the community, it’s your talent, innovation and dedication that turn OSU ideals into action. Use this site to show your impact and network with others who are Powered by Orange.

13 thoughts on “OSU is Powered by Orange”

  1. What was the point of this post except to link to all of the bits of the OSU marketing campaign?

    I read this blog because it’s (usually) pretty good about providing analysis and commentary, much of it critical. This post has neither – it’s just free advertising.

    Boo on you, Eric.

  2. I can’t wait until the spoofs start showing up. I, for one, want to be filmed in an orange grove drinking a big glass of orange juice.

  3. @ Dennis:

    My question is: what’s Eric to criticize if he doesn’t have a problem with PBO (god forbid that he might LIKE the PBO campaign!)? I don’t think Eric is hailing OSU as perfect by posting links to the campaign.

    If the Eric personally don’t have any problems with the PBO campaign…Then why would he be expected to critique it. After all, critical thinking and social critique are important but critique for critique’s sake is just stupidity.

  4. I posted this because I thought it was/is a great example of integrating multiple social media sites into a single vehicle. It’s similar to some of the projects that I’ve worked on during both my day job and for my consulting ventures. How’s that for context? :-P

    Boo on Dennis for coming into my virtual living room and booing me. Booing right back at ya.

  5. If we’re going to boo something, can we choose something that’s *ahem* actually important? Like, maybe, I dunno, decreasing education budgets or horribly stereotypical children’s books or sexual terrorism?

    Although, if you do end up having a real food fight over this, please invite me! I will bring my camera. Hey, we can do a powered by orange video!

  6. Dennis, not everything Eric shares on here is criticized. ;) Close, but not everything. Though, usually he’ll at least say “I like this” before sharing stuff.

    Like Michelle, I can’t wait for spoofs. Why? Because this is a ridiculous campaign slogan. Maybe I’m cynical from hearing “We Are…” “PENN STATE” too many times, but “Powered by Orange” just sounds cheesy. I’m waiting for ads about orange juice-powered cars!

  7. Hey! I’m one of the people responsible for rolling out this whole Powered by Orange campaign. I actually love hearing the feedback…good or bad, it’s all useful and welcome. Any thoughts on how we can make it better? What sort of content would resonate with you all? Our internal audience, alumni and even students are liking it so far. Of course there are dissenters.

    And when we shoot a video of the OJ-powered should we have a giant beaver driving? You discuss.



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