Jimmy Fallon is an uber nerd

What happens when Jimmy Fallon goes on the Engadget Show with Joshua Topolsky…uber nerdery ensues:

If you are looking for the play button, it’s on the bottom right of the video. Hello UI…anyone?!

Macs crash too

Apple OS X Crash screen

Sometimes my Macbook Pro crashes…however, it has only crashed 3 times and each time I have had Microsoft Windows XP running via Parallels. It would really be neat if I could get Windows XP in Parallels to throw the blue screen of death (BSOD) while Mac OS X simultaneously displayed the OS X crash graphic…

Minor mac mistake musing

MacBook Pro

I made my first minor (some might call it “major”) Mac mistake last Thursday. I was traveling to Washington, DC for a client meeting/presentation/training via the Portland Airport (PDX). Wednesday night I had packed my MacBook Pro, power brick, headphones, iPod, and wireless mouse.
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