Blackboard Community System

Blackboard Community System

Blackboard had an amazing booth at the NASPA/ACPA Joint Meeting in Orlando. It was the size of small house and it looked like one too! Inside their mini-mansion, the folks from Blackboard were demoing their portal solution, the Blackboard Community System.

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Strategic Student Affairs Technology planning

The Division of Student Affairs at NC State University engage in strategic student affairs technology planning. There site includes downloadable technology planning checklists, technology position responsibility documents, technology planning overview and an overview of the student affairs division technology plan.

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Enrollment Management update 3/1/07

Enroll-A-Tron 3042:
In what appears to be the first viral video aimed at Enrollment Management Directors / Admissions Directors, Frank Meester debuts the “Enroll-A-Tron 3042.” The device is
guaranteed to help enrollment management professionals recruit and retain students at an amazing 100% retention rate. The video is pretty funny and it will be interesting to see if enrollment management folks find humor in a 15 billion dollar, ductwork/old server-based, grant-funded, device :-)

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Gender disparity in web conferences

Jason Kottke has an excellent post about the gender disparity amongst several of the most popular (successful?) web conferences and their featured speakers.

Women make up less than 25% of the featured speakers at the majority of the conferences (TED, PopTech, An Event Apart Boston 2007, Future of Web Apps – San Francisco, etc) that Kottke analyzes.

According to Kottke:

it seems to me that either the above concerns are not getting through to conference organizers or that gender diversity doesn’t matter as much to conference organizers as they publicly say it does. The Future of Web Apps folks seem to have a particularly tin ear when it comes to this issue. For their second conference, they doubled the size of the speaker roster and added only one woman to the bill despite the complaints from last time.

Here is a list of women speakers for conferences

Glacéau + Racist Voicemail Redux

A week ago I blogged about Glacéau’s racist voicemail message. Upon publishing the post, which included an audio recording of the voicemail, I received an interesting comment from Lauren.

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The University of Tennessee Website

The University of Tennessee website redesign screenshot

The University of Tennessee recently re-designed their primary web pages. The new page design is very accessible, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and it’s optimized for search engines. Pages were coded using standards-based design techniques. Their use of cascading style sheets to “style” the homepage is gorgeous and accessible for users with visual impairments. Kudos to the University of Tennessee and the Office of Creative Services! They have truly created a “web 2.0” university website.

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Co-facilitating a CSSA class

I co-facilitated a College Student Services Administration (CSSA) class at Oregon State University today. Jessica White and Chris White are teaching a course on Technology Issues in Higher Education. Jessica and I presented an edited version of our “Blogs and Student Learning” presentation. After an hour on blogs, blogging, rss, etc., Chris and I facilitated a discussion on podcasts / podcasting in a higher education context. I had a great time. The class asked a lot of questions and the discussion was lively. It felt good to be back in the classroom.

Solidarity Design Network

The Solidarity Design Network has been resurrected!

The SDN is a collective of web and print designers and developers who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge with the masses.

Chris invited me to participate…Kevin is already on board…and more folks are on the way. I can’t wait to see the evolution of the Solidarity Design Network 2.0!

My contributions to the SDN will likely include information on search engine optimization, blogging, WordPress, web analytics, etc.

Line Rider: Trading Lines and .Sol’s

Line Rider is an amazing online toy that is a combination of precision illustration, luck and sledding. Vegankid and I were wondering if we could turn Line Rider into a social experience. Sort of like a Line Rider version of PhotoShop Tennis.

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