Enrollment Management update 3/1/07

Enroll-A-Tron 3042:
In what appears to be the first viral video aimed at Enrollment Management Directors / Admissions Directors, Frank Meester debuts the “Enroll-A-Tron 3042.” The device is
guaranteed to help enrollment management professionals recruit and retain students at an amazing 100% retention rate. The video is pretty funny and it will be interesting to see if enrollment management folks find humor in a 15 billion dollar, ductwork/old server-based, grant-funded, device :-)

The video’s goal is to generate buzz (and sales?) regarding CFgear. CFgear sells flash drives with a unique twist:

CFgear’s Usbâ„¢ custom flash product is a premium blend of hardware and software flash drive solutions. Whether you have a need to enhance communication on campus or you are structuring a recruitment campaign, the Usbâ„¢ flash product empowers your project with intelligent customization and superior value.

The AACRAO Annual Meeting is currently being held in Boston. Blogs are once again one of the hot topics amongst admissions professionals.

MIT Admissions Blog:
I’ve been reading the MIT Admissions Blog for a few weeks now and I must say, BRAVO! The site is authored by 12 students and 4 admissions staffers. The content is fresh and the combination of student and administrator viewpoints paints a great picture of life at MIT. In addition to fantastic content, the MIT Admissions Blog is aesthetically appealing and very accessible.

Overall, the university admissions blogosphere is becoming a fun place for great content and user-friendly design.

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