The Enrollment Growth Playbook

To those who believe deeply in the power of higher education, all while tenaciously pushing for its betterment.

Enrollment management has long been one of my professional areas of interest. As a core function within higher education, enrollment growth matters. Recently I had the chance to read a new book on this particular subject from Helix Education.

The Enrollment Growth Playbook represents next generation thinking about how universities and colleges think about their enterprise-level goals, growth, marketing, enrollment, retention, and data intelligence.

It’s a quick and worthwhile read for anyone who works within higher education and student affairs. This is the type of book that will be of interest to student affairs graduate students, admissions officers/directors, and vice presidents of student affairs.

The Enrollment Growth PlaybookAs a former academic advisor, I really appreciate the section on “coaching the whole student.” Bringing a holistic mindset to student success is such an important aspect of student retention…and the entire student journey matters to enterprise enrollment growth.

(PS: For my readers in the United Kingdom, you definitely should take a read through the Playbook. Whilst enrolment growth in UK HE is slightly different, a lot of the tactics in this book will resonate.)

I highly recommend downloading a free copy of the book. It’s 60+ pages of strategy, tactics, and high-level thinking for anyone who works within higher education enrollment, admissions, recruitment, retention, student success, and marketing.

This post was sponsored by Helix Education.

However, I wouldn’t have written it if I didn’t think the book was of value to the higher education community. Judge the book for yourself and then let me know in the comments if you think it was worth your time.

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