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Mashable Social Media Day - Boston - Eric Stoller

So this post is amazingly late. However, here it is… Last summer, I was asked to be on a social media panel for Mashable’s Social Media Day in Boston. The topic for the panel was on building brands with social media. Taking place at Boston University, the panel was moderated by BU’s Steve Quigley. It was my first time working with Steve and I was thoroughly impressed. He’s a PR professor at BU and I hope his students soak up as much of his wisdom as they possibly can. Joining me on the panel were Tamsen Webster and Tyler Cyr. Tamsen knows everything about social media. I’m serious. Tyler does social media for Dunkin’ Donuts…I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I’m a Starbucks guy. I was thrilled to be representing higher education and to just listen to all of the knowledge that Steve, Tamsen, and Tyler dropped at Social Media Day Boston. Remember, if you go to a party, engage in a conversation..the same thing goes with social media. The full video from our conversation is after the jump.

It’s true… I love using this photo at the end of my slide decks!
It's parents have no idea what I do for a living.

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  1. 3 months to go to the Social Media Day 2013; but I do not see any information on any mashable property for 2013 events/dates. Facebook and twitter properties seem totally abandoned for #SMDay. Last year we had a very successful event with over 200 in attendance, and want to plan for this year. Not sure if the date is changing because June 30th falls on a Sunday. Hope to see response and hear some noise.

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