CAMEX 2012: Creating Customer Connections with Social Media

Slides from my social media educational session at this year’s CAMEX event in Salt Lake City, Utah. I gave a 60 minute talk about how campus stores can use social media for strategic communications and marketing. Additionally, I led more than 14 hours of social media consultation sessions with campus store representatives.

Resources from both my talk and consulting sessions are available after the jump.

Video clips from my session:

Social Media Revolution

BYU Bookstore: “It’s What I Wear”

Twitter Stories: saved a bookstore with a Tweet

The Joy of Books

All about the New Facebook Pages (not shown during my talk, but it’s still relevant)

Google Plus “+1” button

Links to Bookstore social media sites:




Social Media resources:

This was my first time presenting at a National Association of College Stores (NACS) event. The staff at NACS did a phenomenal job of making sure that the consultation sessions went smoothly. Special thanks to Jen Forbus for her amazing work with campus store representatives during the social media consultation session appointments. Auxiliary areas within higher education need to incorporate social media into their strategic communications / marketing efforts and NACS (+ CAMEX) is leading the way!

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