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via the Oregon State University Network Engineering blog:

As some of you would know by now, the domain is being blocked by This means that any email coming from our domain will bounce and not be delivered. I just want to give you guys a heads up and let you all know that I am working on getting us delisted from their system. A request has been submitted and I expect to hear back from them in a day or two.

One more reason not to use Hotmail. I think the list is up to more than 1,200 different reasons now. Ciao.

4 thoughts on “Blocked by Hotmail”

  1. I remember signing up for Hotmail in 1996 in the tiny computer lab at Indian Hills Community College. Microsoft destroyed Hotmail by doing what they normally do. Bloat, hide, bloat, remove, bloat, etc. until it was no longer a viable email. Hotmail broke my heart and Gmail scooped up the pieces :-)

  2. I just got notified by my Verizon account that I have officially joined the list of those blocked from sending emails to anyone with a Hotmail account. And I have no idea why they decided to do this! I have been sending emails to my contact lists for years, and years without problems. I have not been able yet to find a clear answer to how to contact them regarding this blockage. If anyone could give me some advice, I would truly appreciate it. I have emailed them a couple different times, and was redirected to a non-specific web page.

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