Brown University’s design stolen again

Brown University Homepage Design
It would seem that Brown University’s homepage design has more than its fair share of fans. Brown’s website design has already been ripped off by UAH. The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at The Ohio State University has decided to fully implement Brown University’s code and call it their own.

Ohio State University rips off Brown University homepage design and code

Found within the CSS of the OSU site:
“Why did Pentagram design this at such a small width?”

Pentagram Inc., in collaboration with Brown University’s Public Affairs and University Relation’s staff, created the BU homepage design. Why is a comment about Pentagram Inc. in the CSS file for the OSU website? Because the OSU site “borrowed” the BU code. Verbatim!

Tip via eduStyle.

6 thoughts on “Brown University’s design stolen again”

  1. I am soooooo flabbergasted.

    I generally wag my finger at CSS that’s commented so that the public can see it, and not to excuse this craziness, but CLEARLY this is why. It just totally flies in the face of any kind of integrity! Wow!

  2. It just does not make any sense to me that someone would completely steal such a unique design. The design of Brown University’s homepage is instantly recognizable. Get inspired, but don’t steal.

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