Chemeketa Community College Scholars

Chemeketa Community College - Salem Oregon
Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon wants to know if you are a Chemeketa scholar…because if you qualify, Chemeketa will give you a full tuition scholarship for 2 years!

Are you a Chemeketa scholar?

Are you graduating from high school this academic year?
Do you currently have a cumulative, unweighted GPA of 3.5 or better (as of 7th semester grades)?
Do you live in the Chemeketa service district?

Are you willing to:

Begin your college career the fall after you graduate high school?
Enroll in 12 or more credits per term?
Commit to maintaining at least a 3.25 GPA in your Chemeketa classes?

Then you’re a Chemeketa scholar

Chemeketa Scholars qualify for

* A full tuition scholarship for up to two years.
* Placement in an on-campus, paid position such as student ambassador, peer advisor, tutor, or mentor. Job placement not guaranteed. Positions are limited.

4 thoughts on “Chemeketa Community College Scholars”

  1. I do not see this as a necessarily bad thing. They seem to be rewarding achievement which is a positive thing as far as I am concerned. However, (and to be fair I know nothing about this school), I would think that students with this type of academic credentials are not going to be very interested in a community college. They are more likely going to tend toward going to larger, four-year university.

  2. Dennis – I think this is definitely a good thing. Why? I feel that any time a higher ed institution offers free or reduced tuition that that is a good thing.

    Derek – Sometimes people who have those “type of academic credentials” cannot afford to attend a university/college. I went to a community college for 2 years to save money.

    Another reason why I feel that this is a great program is because of the fact that undocumented students cannot receive financial aid from the federal government and therefore the cost of going to college can be immense. Undocumented students can get amazing grades in high school and then be denied access (for financial reasons) to a university because of federal regulations on financial aid. Chemeketa Community College’s program could potentially grant access to higher education to folks who otherwise could not afford to go to college.

  3. How long will this be going on? Is this brand new for Chemeketa? Has it been going on a while? Will it be there for a few years?

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