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A friend posted a listing of jobs that they have worked at on their LJ. I decided to place the “Jobs that I have had” meme into the blogosphere:

  • farm hand
  • grocery clerk
  • construction crew member
  • gas pipeline worker
  • factory re-worker
  • alumni association phone ambassador
  • tele-marketer
  • html coder
  • public relations intern
  • pizza delivery person
  • bar bouncer
  • communication specialist
  • web designer
  • web designer (2)
  • treasury department copier salesperson
  • marketing specialist (1st student affairs gig)
  • student affairs web specialist
  • technology consultant
  • academic advisor

Feel free to list your jobs in the comments…

6 thoughts on “My jobs”

  1. Hm.

    Offhand, I’m going to guess my list is going to be a lot shorter than yours:

    newspaper delivery boy (yes, boy – I was in middle school)
    grass seed bagger
    retail clerk
    process coordinator (team lib)
    student-athlete tutor (though “athlete-student” would be more accurate in my experience)
    substitute teacher
    union organizer
    I feel like I’m missing something, but I’m not sure what.

  2. Heh, fun.

    • Soccer referee/linesman
    • Food server, retirement home
    • Grocery store, “courtesy clerk”
    • Grocery store, “floor” (clean-up chump)
    • Grocery store, gourmet meats, customer service
    • Web designer
    • Website maintenance/updates
    • Web developer
    • Grocery store, “courtesy clerk”
    • Seafood market, fishmonger
    • Seafood market, manager
    • Graphic designer
    • Web developer
    • Graphic designer
    • Graphic designer/project manager
    • Design editor (newspaper)

  3. Can’t resist…

    Secretary for my dad’s business
    Self-employed typist (typing papers for fellow students before everyone had computers)
    Dorm cafeteria food slinger
    Graphic design assistant
    School nurse substitute
    Taco Bell employee, then *gasp* manager!
    Customer service lackey
    District manager
    Customer service manager
    Various administrative/executive assistant jobs
    Medical transcriptionist
    Middle-aged college student ; )

  4. I don’t have an extensive list but here goes:

    National retail chain: snack bar
    National retail chain: cashier
    National retail chain: price change team (we changed the pricing tags on the shelves)
    Co-op engineer – major university research division communications lab
    Systems Engineer – major international wireless infrastructure vendor
    Sales Support Engineer – small, private wireless data equipment vendor
    RF Engineer (x2) – two major national wireless telecommunications companies

  5. Saw this late (was in Argentina, forgive me)…

    Telemarketer for American Express cards
    Volunteer at Care and Share food bank
    Telemarketer for MCI Worldcom
    Promotions intern at 98.9 Magic FM
    CU Campus Operator
    Owner of a house painting business
    Waiter at Bennegan’s
    Intern for an ad agency
    Intern for the Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation
    Intern for an ad agency again
    Marketing assistant for an ad agency and a business consultant firm
    Marketing assistant for an executive recruiting firm
    Marketing director / partner for a web application shop
    Waiter at Anthony’s seafood in Seattle
    Account Manager
    Director of User Experience (whatever that means
    Creative Director
    Owner of a web design company
    VP and Creative Director

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