Academic Advising

Academic Advising has fried my brain this week

My brain feels like the egg in that frying pan…it’s a bit cooked. I will have had over 60 appointments this week. Faces and names have blurred together into something that looks like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Frequent topics of discussion this week include: “fun” classes, study abroad, dual-enrollment, graduation, financial aid, class standing, course overrides, changing majors, the location of the Registrar’s Office, Spring term classes, bacc core, studying, transfer credit articulation, closed classes, waitlisting, Phase 1 and Phase 2 registration, the sauna-like temperature of my office, recitations, the OSU Luau, caffeinated beverages, social justice, the benefits of being a Mac user, the aesthetic limits of Poling Hall, course petitions, long term planning, transcripts, practicum/internship applications, and the height differential of my chair versus my guest chair.

In short, it has been a busy week. Students are registering for classes from dawn until dusk. The online course catalog and I are having a bit of a rift as I am not happy with either its look or feel. It is in serious need of an update…

Academic advising is turning out to be both extremely fulfilling and simultaneously exhausting. It is like running a daily mental marathon. My brain is soaking up as much logistical information as it possibly can…and the information train keeps chugging along.

PS: GEO 106.GEOGRAPHY OF THE WESTERN WORLD fulfills a western culture bacc core requirement…GEO 105.GEOGRAPHY OF THE NON-WESTERN WORLD fulfills a cultural diversity bacc core requirement.

For 20 points, what’s wrong with the name of Geo 105….?

(I wonder if universities in Asia, the Pacific Islands, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America have classes called “Geography of the Non-Eastern World?)

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  1. Is that your brain on academic advising? You should add National Student Exchange to your advising conversation repertoire, more specifically, National Student Exchange with Iowa State University!

    Sending peaceful thoughts your way, Eric!

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