Sustainable Sandal Soles

Chaco Z/1 Sandals A friend of mine received her sandals back from Chaco last week. It was the fourth time that she has had them re-soled. Inside with her newly soled sandals was a note from Chaco:

“Thank you for sending your Chaco sandals for repair. You join the thousands of people who take advantage of our on-site repair experts, a team that last year saved 13,270 pairs of sandals from an untimely visit to local landfills. By doing your part, you help us do our part to operate in the most environmentally sustainable way we can.”

Last summer, I purchased my first pair of Chacos. They are brilliant. I look forward to having them re-soled someday.

5 thoughts on “Sustainable Sandal Soles”

  1. So, about every 9 months or so I go into a store and try on a pair of Chacos. No matter how much I hope, never, ever do I find a pair that fits. I have spent over an hour in a store trying on almost every Chaco they had that fit me. Either they are too long, or too narrow or the heel strap doesn’t quite work for me. I’m dying to own a pair of Chacos. They’re cute and it’s a decent company! They look much better than those damn Tevas. But I am foiled every time. I hate it.

  2. I’ve had Merrells and Tevas. They last for about a year, about two summers worth of wear. Chacos seem to be indestructible (and then if something does break or wear out, you can get it replaced.). I wonder if Chaco makes wide sizes that would fit your feet?

  3. Got to LOVE the Chacos…

    I happen to own the exact pair displayed here, I wear them everywhere the dress code allows…Even in snowy Alaska (and Oregon these days). Great to hear the company is so progressive!

  4. I wear my Chacos every day, too! I’m lucky enough that I am even allowed to wear them to work, since the dress code is casual. They are more comfortable than any shoe I’ve ever worn.

    I also noticed that on the Chaco web site that there is a new “Limited Quantity and Special Editions” section that brings back some of the older styles I loved. Best part: the special editions currently come with a 40% discount! The top of the page says to enter the promotion code WEBDEAL to get the discount, but it doesn’t say whether (or when) the promotion will expire.

    Roni — I’m sure sorry you haven’t found a pair that fits, I wish you the best of luck on that, because when they fit they feel wonderful. (Who would ever have thought to put arch support on a sandal??) Also, they do have some models that come in both “Medium” and “Wide,’ so you may be in luck.

    James — it snows in the winter where I live, too, and I’ve actually found that Chaco sandals give me better traction walking outside than shoes or boots!

    Love ’em!

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