A Vision of Students Today

via Digital Ethnography and the always hackable: A Collage of Citations.

This video was created by myself and the 200 students enrolled in ANTH 200: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University, Spring 2007. It began as a brainstorming exercise, thinking about how students learn, what they need to learn for their future, and how our current educational system fits in.

6 thoughts on “A Vision of Students Today”

  1. Nice video. I liked it. Not sure why. Not enough time, is there, to relax and enjoy the scenery on the ride through life. All that webbing checking, e-mailing, TV watching, all that important shit. For me, never enough time to fix all the cats……..I hope to stop and sniff the catnip more often.

  2. lots of great messages in here. good way to do it too. what strikes me is the total lack of minorities (one girl seems half asian, maybe). that issue could have filled up a few more signs. there are a billion ppl who live on less than a dollar a day, but how many minorities have to pass up an education?

  3. mmmh. I noticed the lack of minorities too, which was interesting/ filled my mind with questions.

    However, the general video/ rest of the information didn’t shock me. It felt a little cliche w/ a message that b/c students are using more and more technology, they are not being fully educated. I agree, sometimes technology causes us to sidetrack/ can be detrimental ….

    However, the question I have has to do more with defining “education” and what it means to be “educated”/ what it means to have a professor standing in the front of a room with the power to give out information. or not.

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