Canada apologizes for past injustices

Canada will apologize for a policy that forced native children into boarding schools in an effort over a century ago to “civilize” and assimilate the nation’s indigenous population into mainstream culture and religion, the Los Angeles Times recently reported.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper will offer an expiation on behalf of the schools and will ask more than 150,000 students and their descendants to consider forgiving the country.

Sixty-year old Thomas Louttit was forced to attend one of the dozens of residential schools for eight years. He told the Times that children were assigned numbers for an identity, sexually abused and terrorized, thus leaving many scarred as adults. Many of Louttit’s friends committed suicide or battled alcohol abuse.

The federal government has already begun payouts from its $1.9 billion compensation fund for natives, the Times reported. Yet for many, monetary compensation is not enough. Dr. Roland Chrisjohn, director of the Native Studies program at St. Thomas University in Saskatchewan, said these schools and their affiliated churches must confront the truth.

“The important thing is that they own up to what they did, admit that it is unconscionable, and it was genocide,” Chrisjohn said.

The last residential school was shut down 12 years ago, decades after some of the first schools were built. In 1996, a federal commission determined that the schools were detrimental to the native population and outlined a program of healing and redress.

via Diverse Issues in Higher Education.

Ward Connerly = Darth Vader?

Ward Connerly is Darth Vader is Ward Connerly

Ward Connerly reminds me of Darth Vader.* In a sea of 99.9% of the white folks in the Star Wars trilogy, Darth Vader is a “Nubian god” who is voiced by James Earl Jones. Then, in Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader’s helmet is removed to reveal a “crusty white man.” Darth Vader is black on the outside and white on the inside. Ward Connerly presents as a person of color, but he engages in a campaign against folks of color that seems to be driven by internalized oppression, tokenism and assimilation. Ward Connerly’s efforts to disassemble affirmative action reek of white supremacy. Ward Connerly’s words and actions are counter to social justice and anti-oppression work. In seeking to end affirmative action, Connerly is dismissing the realities of historical context, present day discrimination and white privilege. Fortunately, his anti-affirmative action campaign was recently halted in Oklahoma due to a lack of signatures. Unfortunately, like Darth Vader, Ward Connerly’s campaign is wreaking havoc in the galaxy. Affirmative action policies in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri and Nebraska are all being targeted by Connerly.

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