Google Wave

Google has a new app called “Wave.” It’s billed as communication and collaboration tool. I would say that it’s probably going to be the tool of choice in the next 5 years for anyone who uses Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, WordPress, any IM Client, etc. If Google Wave catches on, Zuckerberg will wish that he’d sold Facebook when he had the chance.

Google Wave
Microsoft is the “new” IBM. They just don’t know it yet. Sorry Redmond.

3 thoughts on “Google Wave”

  1. Fascinating! I’ll definitely passing this on to my fellow techies. This could be a big step toward moving away from giant LMS systems (*cough*Blackboard*cough*).

    I particularly dig those Google Wave t-shirts. I must have one!

  2. I’m very stoked about the possibilities of Wave. The concept, at first glance, might seem complicated to non-techies (hell, it took me a minute to figure out what it was), but if it catches on, it will be huge.

    I’m no MS fanboy, but I will say this: I’ve been beta-testing Win 7 for the last several months, and they definitely have a winner this time. Vista is the “new” ME. On the other hand, Bing has been getting decent reviews, but I doubt it’s a Google killer. Now that Google is a verb to most people, it will be hard to tear people away from it no matter how great your search engine is. So, while I’d say that Microsoft’s glory days of total dominance are behind them, they aren’t going anywhere just yet.

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