Learning Contract: ASC Practicum

Learning Contract
Practicum Site: Academic Success Center

Duties and Responsibilities:
The overall goal of the practicum will be to help the Academic Success Center perform an assessment of the ASC study table program. To do this, I’ll need to gather and synthesize both quantitative and qualitative data. This practicum will provide learning in the following CSSA competencies: #2 Student Development in Higher Education and #4 Assessment and Evaluation

Here are some of the specific assessment/student development activities I will be engaged in:

• Using data warehouse to gather hard data about how much study tables helped student grades. For example, to measure the effect of the Ph 203 study tables, I can predict student performance based on Ph 201 and 202 grades and then analyze whether the students in the study tables outperformed their peers with similar 201 and 202 grades. For ZOO 333, I’ll use ZOO 331 and 332; for Math 111, I’ll use SAT and math placement grades.

• Analyzing responses from the assessment survey that students in the study tables have filled out. These assessment sheets contain data measured by likert scales as well as more open-ended response questions such as the benefits of the program as well as their recommendations.

• In depth interview/follow-ups with specific students in the tables. For example, I will interview students who attended regularly and some students who did not attend regularly or dropped out of the program. Also, I’ll interview students who showed significant improvement after attending study tables regularly versus students who perhaps did not improve very much despite the study tables. These interviews will either be done by phone or email.

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