Backpacks versus Messengers

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

My back and I recently got into a conversation about bags. During the two years that I lived in Chicago I would carry a messenger bag to work. I loaded it full of papers, pens, my sack lunch, mp3 player, the occasional laptop, a scarf during the winter, etc. I’m right-handed so I typically placed the bag’s strap across my right shoulder. It felt good and my bag had a pad for enhanced comfort. After walking the mile or so to the L Train, I would attempt to switch the bag to my other shoulder. It never felt very good so I would keep it on my right side. Two years of wearing a heavy messenger bag on my right side made my back ache. I used a backpack during my undergrad. However, a messenger bag seemed more professional. My thoughts were validated by the multitudes of messenger bag wearing Chicagoans. Plus, there seemed to be a culture amongst Student Affairs folks that students use backpacks and administrators used satchels or messenger bags.

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