Considering difference

In April I posted some audio from Al Gore’s keynote at the NASPA/ACPA National Conference. This post drew the attention of a certain blogger by the name of Radar. Radar had also attended the NASPA/ACPA conference and he had a few things to say about Al Gore. I love getting comments on my site that differ from my own opinion. This diversity of viewpoints keeps things interesting and forces me to flex my brain cells.

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In other news — Wendy and I are off to Iowa on Wednesday for a visit with the “Fam.” Feel free to leave comments, however, my parent’s dial-up connection usually keeps me offline. It’s actually nice to go on vacation and unplug.

By the way, getting to Iowa from Oregon is neither easy nor affordable. Wendy and I will take 2 airplanes, 1 hovercraft, and a 415 foot aluminum slide to get to Columbus Junction, Iowa.