My Year in Cities, 2006

I visited and/or lived in the following cities in 2006:

Cannon Beach, OR
Lincoln City, OR
Corvallis, OR (Home)
Washington DC
Warwick, RI
Columbus Junction, IA
Burlington, IA
San Francisco, CA
Berkeley, CA
Phoenix, AZ

As the rules state: one or more nights spent in each place.

(via Kottke, Onfocus, and Faris)

Harry Potter – Year 7

Order form for Harry Potter 7
Yes, you are correct. My nerdiness knows no bounds. Yesterday, I signed up for one copy of Harry Potter: Year 7. It is scheduled to drop in July of 2007. Wendy scoffed at me while I signed up but was quick to sign up for her own copy after I said something about letting her know how it all ends :)

Update: Book 7 has a title! — “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” (via Faris)

Eric Stoller on Eric Stoller


Daily readers of the ESB may have noticed that I’ve been tweaking the blog quite a bit since August.

I’ve added Google Search functionality, re-arranged the sidebar content, written a Pulitzer-worthy “about me” section, and included the ability to engage in live instant messaging via (live chat subject to availability and admin moodiness).

The site’s tag cloud displays context-based links to what I’ve been writing about since I added tags to the ESB:

Statcounters Anonymous

How many times have I checked today? It’s like a sickness. is my home page for FireFox! I check my site statistics to see how many visits I’m getting on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I have obsessive web statistics disorder. My dashboard in WordPress now has a menu item called “Reports.” The plugin, called WordPress Reports, utilizes my Google Analytics account and pulls information into the admin interface.

I love looking at referrals, recent keyword activity, and page views. I love “optimizing” for search engines. I have OWSD!

Go ahead, admit that you love it too.

Update: I forgot that I also have the “Live” plugin installed which lets me view my website activity in REAL TIME!!!

Update 2: Brownfemipower, Radem, Sage and VeganKid are also stats junkies :-)