Getting dusty in here

Dust Bowl 1935

Having been a consistent blogger on this site since 2004, I find myself in a bit of a conundrum. My consulting adventures, writing projects, and speaking engagements are capturing almost all of my blog time. I love writing, exploring, thinking, processing, and let’s not forget – typing. However, if you need to find me (at least for right now) I can be found here:

  • My blog on Student Affairs and Technology at Inside Higher Ed keeps me on my toes as technology is a rapidly moving target.
  • Online Colleges – It’s a fun site to blog for as it makes me explore online learning instead of brick-and-mortar.
  • Higher Ed Live – Student Affairs live was on hiatus in October due to my travel schedule.
  • I recently gave a keynote on social media and campus card marketing at the Canadian Campus Card Workshop
  • In Wisconsin, I did an 18-minute-long “Edge talk” on technology and community for an ACUI, SCUP, and Herman Miller sponsored event.
  • EDUCAUSE is the greatest technology and higher education conference of all time! This year’s conference was in Philly and I thoroughly enjoyed geeking out!
  • In a couple of days, I’ll be heading to Newport, Rhode Island for #NASPAtech. I’m participating in 4 sessions in 3 days. I may need Red Bull!
  • In November, I’m giving a keynote for a client’s company in Florida before making my way to San Diego for the NASPA Western Regional Conference where I’m giving a talk on social media, student affairs, and creating connections.

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