Adding captions to YouTube videos

I used to be a huge fan of Vimeo. Their user interface and HD video capability is top notch. Unfortunately, Vimeo has decided that accessibility is not a priority. 8 days ago on the Vimeo forums, the topic of accessibility via closed captions / subtitles was added to the Vimeo Community Forums – Feature Request section. Vimeo’s response to this request was extremely saddening:

We have a lot of higher priority features in the cue right now, and when we find the appropriate time, we will definitely look into offer CC support.

Vimeo is telling its community that users with hearing impairments do not matter.

Thankfully, YouTube has now made it very easy to add captions to videos. In fact, YouTube allows for HD uploads, accessible videos and better uptime than Vimeo.

It’s really easy to add captions / subtitles to a YouTube video using dotSUB:

My student web coordinator added captions to this video in a few hours using dotSUB:

The previous iteration of that video was uploaded without captions to Vimeo. That video might look great, but if you can’t hear, it’s not accessible.

A lot of higher education institutions have university portals on YouTube. Unfortunately, most do not caption their videos.

While OSU has not yet captioned all of the YouTube videos on their site, at least one of the videos was captioned using dotSUB: