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Jon Stewart’s interview of CNBC’s Jim Cramer isn’t what I would call comedy. Stewart’s show may run on Comedy Central, but this interview really picks apart CNBC and Jim Cramer. I noticed that some of the “real news” networks ran stories about this interview. The sad part was they didn’t look in a journalistic mirror and ask themselves why a show on a comedy network was doing a better job of analyzing a legitimate news story. These 3 clips are uncut/un-bleeped. They are not safe for work, my mother or any fans of CNBC.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

via NPR

One thought on “Jon Stewart – real news”

  1. I though Jon Stewart did an excellent job of addressing the issues. Specifically, that the 401k’s and stocks are long term “investments”. Now they look more like a long term “gamble”. Without regulation, why would you gamble in the stock market?

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