University of Iowa flood update

University of Iowa flooding in Iowa Memorial Union 2008

The Iowa Memorial Union on the campus of the University of Iowa is currently closed due to extensive flood damage. Floodwaters were 5 feet deep in the IMU. The university is pumping air into the building to help dry it out.

From: University of Iowa Interim Executive Vice President and Provost Lola Lopes –

Although the worst part of the flood seems to be abating we are still in crisis mode regarding utilities (steam, chilled water, and electricity). This means that even though we are resuming classes, research, and other university operations on Monday, this is not a return to normal. We have beaten back a major catastrophe and should be proud of ourselves, but it will be many, many months before we return to full functioning. Until then, we need to continue to work as a team and always keep the functioning of the entire enterprise in mind.

From a utility point of view, the east and west sides of the campus are no longer connected. This means that conditions are different on the east and west sides of the river.

via the UI Flood blog.

Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories (IATL) flooded at the University of Iowa in 2008
The Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories (IATL), designed by architect Frank O. Gehry, was surrounded by flood waters.

The Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories was completed in 1992. Located along the Iowa River, this $25 million building is the state’s first example of the futuristic designs of California architect Frank O. Gehry. The core building is clad in matte-finished stainless steel while a second attached building is made of Anamosa limestone from the Stone City, Iowa, quarry. A third attached building, located behind the other, is copper-clad. These buildings house office spaces and research laboratories along with a conference room and various support facilities.


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