INFJ Association annual meeting

INFJ Association annual meeting photograph
Here’s a photo from the recent INFJ Association annual meeting. I did not attend. Although this moment of ridiculousness is brought to you by Empty Auditoriums, Inc., there actually is an association for MBTI fans called the Association for Psychological Type International.

3 thoughts on “INFJ Association annual meeting”

  1. INTJ here – and I’ve been called a nine before too, with six and three as my ‘wings.’
    Sure do enjoy reading your postings.

  2. Found your site when googling Tim Wise…this INFJ conference sounds amazing! I took the full MBTI for the first time late last year, and am also a proud INFJ. Innovators, big picture thinkers plus doers…we’ve got it all! Nice to know that we’re so smart and action-oriented that we’ve started our own INFJ conference! Awesome. ;)

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