University of Oregon is out of rooms


The University of Oregon is steering hundreds of freshmen to off-campus apartments next fall because its dorms lack sufficient room to handle an unexpected surge of enrollment.

The university expects 3,800 freshmen next fall, a 400-student increase, which will exceed dormitory space and force the university to provide more classes and services.

Some parents are anxious, angry and disappointed, and some students have chosen to go elsewhere because of the housing shortage, says Robin Holmes, vice president for student affairs.

3 thoughts on “University of Oregon is out of rooms”

  1. My undergrad institution had to do that, too – they started leasing out off-campus apartments. Oy. It’s awful because the students don’t get the same services as they would on-campus (like lock-out service, maintenance, programming)… At UW when that happened, they had students sleeping in lounges on cots for awhile, which is just crummy. If you guarantee housing to first year students, enrollment management needs to only admit as many people as they have space for.

  2. Why over admit for the amount of room they have. Are they that hard up for money like the rest of us. but it the long run the student does not get a fun “dorm life” first year college experience. Maybe parents can sleep better knowing their offspring is enjoying the college life off campus.

  3. UO does not have a live on requirement. Housing has X number of spots and there are just too many first year students wanting rooms. The Oregon area high school just have bigger graduating classes so all the public Oregon institutions are seeing large enrollment increases. UO is not a land grant institution so it does not just have space to make resident halls on.

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